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We consider strong governance, with strategic management of our environmental and social impacts as integral to our future success.

The Company’s Non-Executive Board has direct responsibility for determining the strategic direction and policy for sustainability. As Manager to Tritax Big Box, Tritax Group is responsible for setting and delivering the Company’s sustainability strategy. Tritax Group has implemented a responsible business plan to minimise its operational impact and provide low carbon services to the Company. It is accredited in ISO 14001 for the environmental management of the Funds and has a strong commitment to attracting and retaining talent.

Tritax Big Box’s Management Engagement Committee (MEC) oversees the relationship between the Manager and the Company; the Chairman of the MEC meets with the Manager regularly to review the relationship.  The Board receives regular updates on the recruitment, training and development of the staff of the Manager, and through this close engagement is able to ensure the correct resource and employee management policies are in place for the effective management of the Fund.

Our Manager - Tritax Group

The Manager’s Partnership Board oversees the competent and ethical operation of the Group, assuring that the long-term interests of all stakeholders are being served. They have a dedicated company secretarial team who, together with our Head of Compliance, ensure that the highest standards of corporate governance and regulatory practice are applied across our business and Funds. Tritax Group’s governance is strengthened by their dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility Committee which is responsible for integrating our corporate ESG strategy into all areas of the business and investment strategy.

Tritax Group corporate policies and reports

Tritax Group has a comprehensive set of policies in place to ensure effective governance and high ethical standards across the business. 

They value their team, recognising that success is derived from the collective ability to work together to reach objectives and better serve the long-term interests of all stakeholders. Tritax Group’s employees are central to creating and fostering its unique corporate culture where a caring, inclusive and diverse culture is actively encouraged by all employees and partners alike. 


  • ESG policy  
  • Environmental policy (ISO14001) 
  • Biodiversity policy 
  • Sustainable new construction 


  • Community engagement policy 
  • Human rights 
  • Local Community Investment Fund 
  • Social Value Charter 


  • Bribery and corruption 
  • Code of Conduct  
  • Data protection 
  • Modern slavery and human trafficking 
  • Supplier Code of Conduct  
  • Supplier Health & Safety 
  • Whistleblowing 


  • EPRA Report 2021 
  • EPRA Report 2020 
  • Materiality assessment 
  • Net zero pathway 
  • TCFD 
Date Title Download
01 Mar 2021 Tritax Group Business Code of Conduct
01 Mar 2022 Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2022
01 Mar 2021 Tritax Group ESG Policy
01 Sep 2020 Social Value Charter
01 Dec 2020 Whistle-Blowing Policy
01 Dec 2020 Data Protection Policy
25 Mar 2021 Tritax Big Box REIT TCFD Alignment
01 Sep 2021 Tritax Group Health and Safety Policy
01 Sep 2021 Tritax Group Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy
01 Sep 2021 Tritax Group Human Rights Policy
01 Sep 2021 Tritax Group Political Donations Policy
01 Sep 2021 Tritax Group Supplier Code of Conduct Policy


Date Title Download
09 Apr 2021 TBBR EPRA Report 2020
01 Jun 2020 TBBR EPRA Report 2019
18 Dec 2020 Whitepaper - Logistics Property: Net Zero Building in Action
01 Dec 2020 Report: The increased importance of logistics during Covid-19 and beyond